Domestic Electrical Rewire Solihull


by Farthing Electrical | Krystina Whitehurst | Dec 3, 2018

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Domestic Electrical Rewire Solihull

At Farthing Electrical Solihull, we have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge to deal with any of your electrical enquiries. We are an NICEIC registered company that specialises in residential properties, with the ability to undertake all electrical work including commercial.

Rewiring Explained

Electrical faults can occur at any time within your property. Whether it is a residential or commercial property, electrical faults can cause serious fire hazards and can lead to damage, injury and risk to life due to electrocution. Because of the high risks around electricity, strict rules have been brought into the buildings regulations under part P. The majority of existing properties have wiring which is not covered within these regulations, but should you decide to make significant alterations to your property, then the regulations will come into force. This is why you should always consult with and use a reputable certified electrical company who meet all the regulations to carry out any re-wiring of your home or property.

If you are looking at moving home or buying a property that is more than 25years old, it is very important to check that the wiring within the property is safe.. This helps you to determine any additional costs and work that will be required on the property. The best way to establish the standard of the current installation is by having an electrician undertake an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). This will help identify if any of the circuits within the property need re-wiring.

If you currently own your property and are deciding to renovate it, you should find out at the earliest opportunity if any re-wiring is needed before you decorate. Re-wiring can be disruptive so it is always best to plan ahead and be prepared for it. Once the re-wiring has been carried out by a qualified electrician, you will be given a certificate from a relevant governing body and will be free to carry on with the renovation and decorating of your property.

When is Rewiring Necessary?

• If you are extending your home or having a loft conversion/ Garage conversion:

Making major changes to your property usually requires electrical rewiring. All of the new installation will have to conform to part P electrical safety and all existing wiring will have to be improved or replaced.

• If your current property has not been rewired within the last 25 to 30 years:

The older your property, the greater the possibility that the wiring will need replacing in order to bring it up to current standards. Your existing wiring may be potentially dangerous and not able to cope with the demands of today’s modern living. This is due to the insulation of the cables breaking down over time.

Finding an Electrician to carry out your Rewire

Like most trades, an electrician’s job is split into first and second fix, please see example below:

1. First fix involves all the cabling within your property or home, this includes circuits and back boxes for power, lighting (indoor & outdoor), hardwired burglar alarms, doorbells, smoke detectors, central heating controls and anything else with hidden wiring.

2. Second fix involves connecting up the consumer unit, adding light fittings, faceplates for switches & sockets, connecting the boiler, immersion heaters and central heating controls.

Electricians usually prefer to work on a supply and fit basis, meaning they will provide labour and materials. Electrical wholesalers have working relationships with electricians to supply the materials for both first and second fix at a reduced rate in order to keep costs down for all parties. Due to this, and the extensive knowledge required in order to source materials, you will usually find your electrician supplies these for you. For second fix, some electricians will be happy for you to supply your own sockets, switches and light fittings, although you must ensure you consult with them in order to obtain the correct materials required for the job.

At Farthing Electrical Solihull, we are NICEIC registered, fully qualified and insured, and have the necessary skills and experience to carry out any electrical rewiring of your home or property. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your electrical enquiry. We are a family business and take pride in all of our work and installations that are carried out. We cover Solihull and the surrounding areas.

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